Monday, May 28, 2007

Exam Number 2:

Before i start talking about today's exam:-Thank you all for your support(especially to Mani,Anglo,Akak,Damoon,Maysoon,cofman,Lebeeya,and anyone else who sent me a msg:)). As for you Lebeeya: It has only been a month and shwaya that i have been preparing for my finals. The months before it were for my midterm exams (Mid Feburary-Mid March). That is law. It requires so much energy and eyes yes EYES!! Damoon: Who is my partner in crime? Who else is a nerd? Do you mean Lost Libyan? But who is the other one? LOL. Akak: Send your invoice while i'm happy..

So how did my exam go: it was ok. The questions were striaght forward yet again,but i hate the recall game. Everyone else loves it. But i hate it. I feel like i havent given it all i have. I dont know why i have this feeling. I missed one point in question 1. And the others i wrote a short answer,because i felt there was no need to over talk when few sentences do the job "khair al kalam ma gal wa dal" lets hope my prof does keep this in mind lol. I was tired and needed orange juice,i so wanted to ask one of the montiors but i was worried they'd do it "belsaeef" cuz the weather is nasty and i dont want any curses..i mean me taking an exam is what i call: "ele feeni kafeeni" i dont want another thing to wonder about.... But overall i would say i did alright-Alhamdullah. Another subject is done and over with..the sense of relief is amazing!!!

Next subject: Contract Law
Time of the exam: 11am-1pm
Date of the exam:May30th,2007

Again,keep me in your duaas. Soon exams will be over and i will be back --thats just an assurance for me:P


mani said...

Mashallah excellent work ya happymoi :).. ur not re-assuring yourself only you also reassure us! :)

Inshallah belnajah wel tawfeeq ya sis


ph said...

Muafaka inshaa allah :)

a_akak said...

Its always good to hear from you :D and its even better when iys good news and the chery on the top of the cake is "i am getting paid" for my barakkat :P

& You dont need to remind us to pray for you as we already do and insha allah we see you back :)

Oh yes........ I take Visa, and mastercard and well as cash :P

Fe Aman Allah

Lost-Libyan said...

lol....whats wrong with u people?! im being insulted! yes Im nerd ver nerd! as they say today's nerd tomorrow's Belgates! lol (wishful thinking) anyways hope u did well so far!?

a_akak said...

:D someone used the forbidden word lol (in another blog) lol ....... i couldnt stop laughing when i read it

DaMoon said...

hahaha, I can't believe 3/4 of da bloggers r
well, today is the 30th so I am praying for u haboba and good luck o inshallah tanj7i ya rabb

a_akak said...

DaMoon: it looks like you are in denial, there is nothing wrong come on just say it...... you will feel better :P