Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Will be>>

I will be back soon. I will be reposting my past three posts.

I'm preparing for finals now. So be patient. I will be back inshallah:)

Hope everyone is doing well..Miss you all..


a_akak said...

Good Luck With Your Exams

I thought something was odd as there were no posts at all

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

salam happy

good to see u back

Rabe ywafek inshallah

take care

Happymoi said...

a_akak: Thanks for the comment:)

Mani:Welcome to my blog,and thanks for the comment:)

piccolina said...

inshallah rabe m3ak haboba .. study well , nothing is worth it but ur study
inshallah you'll great :)

cofman said...

I Just know you will do better than many people think. You have inner strength and stamina.
I bet you will be surprised by your own results – wish you lots of luck
( you needn't respond to my comment, i know you are busy )

Happymoi said...

picco and cofman:

Thanks for your comments.I need your prayers.This school year has proven to be tougher than my past 2 years..

I should get going. Just thought i say hi. Until next time,


cofman said...

( off-topic: results are out, thanks )

MaySoon said...

Happy moi, BEST OF LUCK with your exams insha'Allah you will ace them :o)

Waiting for your return...

a_akak said...

So whats happening with your exams, study?

Lebeeya said...

Best of Luck!

We miss you...

cofman said...

always in our thoughts

a_akak said...

Dont waste you time studying, its all not worth it, enjoy your time and watch tv for many many many hours and who care about exams? or if you dont feel like studying dont and just keep busy with these blogs and just ignore everything these people tell you as if you ignore it for long enough it will just pass by...........

PS: Reverse psychology :P

cofman said...

How is our little baby doing? lol

Still revising?
Liar lol
( I should be a diplomat, shouldn’t I ?? .. or shot lol )

Just to let you know that we’ll have great time once the big mountain is behind you
See you when you want to, and best of luck

a_akak said...

S - Y - S - Y
T - D - T - D
U - U - U - U
D - T - D - T
Y - S - Y - S

Whats the common word?

cofman said...

r u still breathing?
or should i ask for help?

cofman said...

give dates on when & what on exams

so at least I know when you’ll be free …

a_akak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
a_akak said...

S - Z - W - P - L
N - T - H - K - L
Z - K - U - K - R
J - R - X - D - Z
Y - R - G - T - Y


Fe Aman Allah & May God Help You

mani said...

inshallah el emte7anat mashyat well :)

cofman said...


it is STUDY
1 word to spot, right?

a_akak said...

Cof u got it right lol

PS: Happy i didnt say it he did

cofman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lost-Libyan said...

goodluck sweetie...I of all people know how nerve racking this time of the year is!

cofman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
david santos said...

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cofman said...

wallahi Happy moi is one of the best people i have ever met

Happy moi?
fix the exams
and best of luck

Happymoi said...

Thank you all for your support.

I'm doing alright:)alive and well:)