Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happymoi is back to the blogging world:)

Without writing it seems that a big part of me is missing. Facebook alone is not enough. It just feels right to return to blogging. I do not intend on turning my website to politics I have had enough on facebook. Every time I log on someone has something in those lines and although I understand how important such participation is I feel that I need a break. I spent this past year crying my eyes out and at the same time trying my best to juggle my role as a student, a wife, and a mommy to be. All this in the midst of the revolution.

Now I'm trying to organize my life here for the few months I'll be here before my return to the UK to do my last exam and to finish working on my dissertation. I intend to start working this coming Thursday. So again I'll be juggling my life as an external student, a wife and a working mom. I hope things work out for me and everyone.

I'll leave with this quick update and hope you are all doing well in our inshallah bright Libya.


a_akak said...

Welcome sis ... Its great 2 c u back on the blogs :)

Happymoi said...

Welcome back to you too. I have started catching up on the blog world. What's your latest?

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

YAY! How nice to see your post and update. :-)

KhadijaTeri said...

I've posted something special for you on my blog: http://khadijateri.blogspot.com/2011/12/very-very-versatile-libyan-bloggerettes.html

Ema said...


Happymoi said...

I'm back:) thank you all.
Khadija Teri - Thank you :):)