Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Friends?!

It could be a week ago that i had a status on my facebook account questions the defination of a ‘best friend’. It is been awhile that i wanted to discuss this on my blog but because i never made the time to set and write my thoughts away i decided for the time being to put it as a status. So i did. Not many have partcipated but my wonders have not stopped. It is not that i dont have a defination of it but rather i wanted to see others point of view. For me, it has not been the same. My defination kept chaning and according to it so did my best friend. The thing is it is not just the fact that my defination changed but rather the way my life has been. I was not raised in one place. I lived in the USA, Canada, UAE, UK and Libya. I did not stay in one country more than six years in a row. This resulted in different realtions. I make friends then i leave. I come back and i feel that i have missed important things in those friends lives. They share stories of a past that i wasnt part of. I have always dreamed of how it would be like if i had one best friend. A friend that has been through it all. A friend that has been there in hardships and ease throughout. Someone that knows me inside out. But no i dont have that. I have lots of friends. Up to date my best friends are those i made when i lived in Canada. I spent my teen years there. I was there until i turned 20 years old. Those friends are the best i have had. I’m still in touch with them but it is not the same though. Sometime i think maybe when years pass by they will be just an important part of my past but just that. They are still in touch but its not the same like being together i guess. My defination of best friends remain that – them. It was them that gave me the defination, the guidelines - everything!
This life style led to my relationships being like that off and on off and on. I keep in touch as much as possible but its not the same. Add to it the defination. Do you agree that best friends change as places change, as people change, and life changes and as you yourself change? Let me know your thoughts!

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