Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jacket Potato..Ramadan..Sleeping..Documents...bla bla

Ramadan Kareem everyone.

I have been wanting to update my blog for such a long time, but havent taken any serious steps. Today, however, i decided to do what i havent done for quiet sometime.

I have been working as a trainee at this company. It has been going well. On July i went to the UK for a training course at Trowers & Halmin. It was a good experience. Everytime i go to the UK i seem to enjoy it, even though, the times i end up there its usually for training/intersnip and not for lesiure. The training course went very well, and i learnt lots about NDAs, MOUs,Oil &Gas, Aircraft laws,Funds, Islamic Finance,real was intensive but worth it. I always have my fun ways to turn my work/training trips into a fun filled adventure. I enjoyed the training course, and got to go on a walking tour around london, got on the London Eye this time;) and went to too many lebanese restaurants. I love lebanese food. My only regert however, is that this time around i havent gotten a chance to go to the spaghetti house! i loved selver ridge icecream- yummmyyyyyyyyyyy. I remember last time i went to the UK during 2007, my food experience was horribly horrible for the most part...until i learned where to go. This time i made sure my food experience was as it should be. I had the courage to try for the first time British Jacket Potato with butter, and cheese toppings. It was yummy beyond belief. I'm carving it lately bas no such a thing exists in my beloved land.

My Ramadan schedule have been like this: work then go back home & sleep. That basically sums it up. I went once to my grandma from my mom's side to break my fast. But that was it. The sleeping habibt of mine is turing into an issue. I mean i just fall asleep. I sleep until magrib or few mintues before it or abit after. I don't know i wasnt like that on previous Ramadans. I mean yes i slept alittle more than my usual hours but not to the point of sleeping until the actual adan. But then its my first Ramadan working. Since i returned to Libya, my Ramadans were always off. My law school never started until Ramadan was over and so i was always home during the month. Not sure if my sleep has to do with this change.

In terms of my scholarship, i have finally decided to apply to the university of glasgow. I gathered all my documents- FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY and i started an online application, but just need to upload the documents and submit it. Please everyone make duaa that things work out. It is about time. Gathering my documents was sooooo toughhhhhhhh so im pleased that finally i have them. I scanned them all and they lay happily on my desktop:)


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What touching words :)

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