Friday, December 28, 2007

Part of my life, and my new year well wishes 2 you,


I really don't know what to say about it.

I'm all alone with my siblings minus one. My brother was here for the holidays, and he just left today. My parents are away too.

Eid was an alright experience this year. It was much more organized, and alot neater. I don't know a thing about Eid must dos. So i really didnt do much. In fact, i missed the Eid morning salam when my uncles/cousins go to Eid prayer, also i missed the slaughter of the sheep ritual, and all that comes along with it. Dad wasnt here so no one was there to make sure i was awake, plus my cousin(who usually wakes me up on Happy occasions) was in Canada. So really i slept through the morning. What a shame!

Other than that, i have been going to school, with no breaks. Sad indeed. We only got 3 days for Eid. That was it. But i'm waiting for the Jan holiday.

My school work has piled up, and i have made a decision that inshallah starting tomorrow i will be studying alot more more laying off must dos.

As for the offers, i havent really looked into the NDB offer. But i'm still following up on the Oil company offer. I'm waiting for the meeting call! So pray for me that whatever is best happens.

Life has been great. I have been enjoying it so much alhamdullah. I have had this urge to go to Omra, its like Mecca is calling me. I never had such an urge before, so inshallah khair and i will keep it in mind. Maybe i will go after i graduate, in the summer.

I have missed all of you, and i have you all in mind, its just that i have been such a lazy happymoi...

Best wishes this coming year, may your dreams come true, and may you have a blessed year full with good deeds and happiness on all fronts. Forgive my faluts, and remember me in your prayers.

With lots of love,



LoveLyH said...

ابتسمي ياعزيزتي
اني بصراحة استاحشتك :) وحتي خاطري نشوفك...بس انتي موليه كسلانه كسل ..رهيب تقولي عليك لا عندك قرايه ولا مشروع شغل ولا اي حاجة...ياساتـــر عليهم الحسوديين مالقوش الا نتي ينقوا عليك

وينك ماوريتناش صورة خروفكم ولا قديدكم اللطف يابنتي ماكنتش بخيله كذا

وحده تخفف في دمها :P

ربي يطمنك علي خوك ويحميه ويحفظهولكم
يالله وريني أكبر تشيييييييييييييييز


Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you for your wishes and the same to all of you.
glad all is well with you :o)

dusk till dawn said...

thanx for the new year wish, and same to u, i hope u will get the job ur looking and put ur heart on it, been lazy woooooooooooow, u should be up frm crack a dawn , doing all the house work , making ur self a healthy breakfast , so pleased u made ur mind up abt having a gd go at ur study gd luck.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Can't the aftermath of the festive fun holidays be somewhat of a bummer? It sounds like things are going along well, which I'm so happy for you.

May Allah bless you beyond your imagination this coming year, and reward you for your efforts.

CNN Libya said...

Happy new year,
Wish you a very bright, twinkling, successful year in your life
Enjoy it to the MAX :)

a_akak said...

be focused and I believe you will do what is right for you and your family and if I trust someone to come to the best decission it would be you

Happy NEW year and may 2008 bring you more happiness and success

Fe Aman allah