Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Getting back to being Busy...

I started school this past Sunday. I woke up today at around 7am, and was about to get ready to go to class, but felt sick, and stayed home. Right now, im doing well wa alhamduillah!
How has school been?
Its intense from the start. Professors are running at the speed of light. Week one hasnt been over and i already have tons to get done. I have purchased most of my books/notebooks/study sheets but im yet to buy about 3 more textbooks, and a notebook or two.
How does it feel now that its my final year of law school inshallah?
Honestly, i feel no different, its like any other school year..and although many people who pass by my group say "awa e7ni fe sana raba3a", it just doesnt sink in, it feels as if im just starting the school journey.
Other non school related news:
I have gotten all my driving stuff done, just need to phone the lady and start taking lessons. I'm planning to call today inshallah and take a lesson tomorrow...please pray no more papers are required! On another note, im invited to this gathering, but im not sure if im going to go, i guess it depends on how i feel closer to the time of getting ready. Now i better head to the kitchen and have breakfast, cuz i havent eaten a thing! Hope everyone is doing is going great, and im back to being busy again!


dusk till dawn said...

i hope ur feeling better and the blues is over,its nice to see u posting a gain
hope ur driving lesson will go luck for ur final year,

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Alhamdullilah - glad to hear things are going well aside from the cold. :-(

PH said...

Inshaa allah la bas 3aliki, as for school the profs. are probably just trying to make up for the lost time from the Ramadan vacation.

So keep up the hard work its only this last year, as we used to say, then its over with :P.

Whats with the drivers licence papers ? I thought you only do them after you learn to drive? my younger sister is taking driving lessons now as well.

salaam and Muafa9aa

3abtash said...

inshallah 2alif labas 3alayek ya happy...
well at least ur living the experience of sana rab3a...i should be too,,,,but am stuck here
have fun driving and good luck huney

MaySoon said...

Happy,, salamtek alf salama :o).. be careful bad weather these days.. well.. good luck with sana rab3a.. wish you sucess and we'll pray for you so you pass all the subject like sana thalta.. :oD

Drive safely!

Hibo said...

حبيت نمر ونقولك مسائك سعيد و يومك أحلي و أسعد يارب


Happymoi said...

Dusk till dawn:
thanks for the well wishes:D im doing great:D hope you are too..driving lessons are awesome alhamdullah! I'm so pysched about actually been able to drive in such a choatic driving conditions...:D
Thanks for stoping by my site...and dont worry im doing great:D
ph: for school?we always start late, its the way law school is! and about the driving papers: you need a criminal clearance record which takes about 10 days if you go through the normal process, then you have to go get ur felaroza which is like a momentary driving licnece..but dont get fooled its as big a report card and has a punch of papers and recipets attached to it and u have to carry it everyday when u r learning how to drive!
its ok sure you will be fine and when u come here for exams try to get as much of sana rab3a as u can:P

salmek...and yes i will drive safley lol on the right side all the time:P (just in case dad/mom read this):P

thanks for passing by:D

PH said...

"then you have to go get ur felaroza"

You actually did that ? I've never heard of anyone doing that in Libya I drove for more than 3 years without a license :P.